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 Trauma Centre of Australia
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Trauma Centre of Australia
Suite 211, Princess Towers
1 Princess St, Kew, 3101
Tel. 03 9205 9488
Fax. 03 9855 2525
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Trauma Centre of Australia

Rapid Response On Site Counselling

Suite 211, Princess Towers. 1 Princess St, Kew, Victoria 3101


(03) 9205 9488


(03) 9855 2524


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Grief Counselling - Immediate and On Site

The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience. The Trauma Centre of Australia provides a caring, professional grief counselling service, available on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis. Some bereaved may not wish to enter an office, and may prefer the comfort of home, a park or coffee shop, a funeral home or other location. On call, the Trauma Centre will dispatch an experienced professional to the desired location, or provide telephone counselling.

Individuals and businesses can receive access to a 24 hour - 365 days per year pager number with a ten minute response time, just by calling our secure payment system on (03) 9841 0862. Once a verification of your credentials has occurred, you will automatically be presented with the pager number and a receipt number. Once you have called the pager number and given your contact details to the paging service, you will be called back within ten minutes by a mobile psychologist.

"At Trauma Centre Australia, we understand that traumatic situations can occur at any time. We therefore provide a 24-hour contact service."

Immediate Trauma Response Services include:

1. On-site - A mobile psychologist can visit you at home, or wherever you are calling from.

2. Negotiated - A suitable place to meet with a psychologist can be negotiated.

3. Telephone counselling - A psychologist can provide counselling over the phone


Trauma Counselling & On Call Critical Incident Management and Debriefing

If a traumatic incident occurs in your workplace, we will be there to help you and your people deal with its effects.

When an accident, workplace injury, death, or robbery occurs in the workplace, most people experience emotions including shock, confusion, pain, sorrow and anguish. Nearly everyone involved will have their thoughts consumed with the incident, making concentrating on work near impossible. Immediate Trauma Assistance can reduce the impact of the traumatic event, help speed the process of returning to normal functioning, and reduce the likelihood of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Immediate Response:

Our consultants can provide support for those people needing urgent counselling or debriefing when a traumatic event has occurred. Occupational stress can be overcome, and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines satisfied.

Psychological Assessment:

One of our psychologists will determine the degree to which a person may be suffering, by assessing a number of variables. The psychologist will take into account the emotions, physical reactions and the behavioural effects that the individual is sustaining, before assisting in helping the person to develop effective and ongoing coping skills.

Trauma Counselling:

Following a critical incident debriefing, those people identified as being particularly affected by the traumatic incident can benefit enormously from trauma counselling. A few sessions of trauma counselling can ensure minimum psychological impact and therefore reduce impact on their normal life.

Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Assistance Programs, and Workcover:

Trauma Centre Australia consultants are psychologists with experience in both counselling and organisational psychology. Confidentiality is a priority. Employees decide what information, if any, is passed on to management. Written reports can be provided if requested by the organisation and consent is given by the employee.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

EAP is a widely used program organisations contract out as a resource available to their employees (and sometimes employees immediate families).  The program gives staff access to confidential counselling and support at no cost to the staff and is designed so that employees suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression regarding a situation or an aspect of their work or home life, have access to effective support, ensuring the situation has minimal impact on their health, psychological well-being and job performance.

Our Employee Assistance Program provides counselling support for various issues including:

o              marital, relationship and family issues,

o              alcohol, drug, gambling and addition issues,

o              career, work, financial and legal issues,

o              emotional, physical and sexual abuse,

o              anxiety, depression and stress issues,

o              conflict management and other concerns

Professional Development

We are also able to run courses and seminars in your workplace regarding the following topics:

  • First Aid Level One and Two (Nationally Accredited)

  • Stress Reduction

  • Motivation

  • Team Building

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (Nationally Accredited)

  • Drink Driver Education (DHS Accredited)

  • Addiction

  • Dispute Resolution / Mediation

Additionally, we are also able to act as an independent mediator and run a Manager Mentoring Program (M&M).

Contact Us:

Suite 211, Princess Towers

1 Princess St, Kew, Victoria 3101


(03) 9205 9488


(03) 9855 2524


ABN: 76 088 411 170

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